Amazing Video
We'll bet that you've never seen birds in flight like this. Two young filmmakers in Ireland, Sophie and Liberty, caught on video a natural phenomenon that shows nature at it's most amazing.
Bird Goes Sledding [VIDEO]
Now I've seen everything. Watch this bird actually climb aboard a bottle cap and sled down a rooftop in Russia. If it happened once I'd be amazed, but since the bird actually sets up the bottle cap for a second run, well, we just had to share this video with you.
9 Adorably Mismatched Animal Pals [VIDEOS]
Just like us humans are fascinated by the behavior of animals, and enjoy interacting with our furry friends when we have the opportunity, some animals display similar curiosities toward other species in the animal kingdom.
Our nine favorite inter-species animal videos of 2011 are below…
Laser Pointer Confounds Cockatoo [VIDEO]
While its true that laser beams have yet to become the bad guy-zapping weapons we were promised by science fiction, the laser does have many modern day uses.
In this video, for example, we find that a laser pointer can be used to perplex and fascinate a cockatoo. Kiwi never is able to …