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Black Friday Fights 2014
THIS is why I don't go anywhere near a store on Black Friday. Although it's seen every year, the behavior of some people continues to amaze me. The fighting, the swearing the pushing; all to save a few bucks on television, a memory card or a piece of lingerie. Is it really worth all that …
2014 Black Friday Shopping Fights and Videos
You have your holiday traditions, I have mine - and mine include looking for videos of people acting the fool fighting over items during Black Friday shopping. Here are some of the best Black Friday shopping videos from 2014.
Most Violent Stores On Black Friday
Black Friday has become such a crazy filled news day of shoppers practically killing one another of electronics and great deals. Here's a list of the most violent stores out there for Black Friday shopping. This list was created by the website "Internet In Your Area".
'Black Friday' Gets the Terrifying Movie Trailer It Deserves
Black Friday is drawing near, which means you should really go shopping before the mayhem begins to load up on armor, cleats and fierce determination that will serve you well while you're scouring the shelves for the perfect toy at rock-bottom prices like a hunter searching for fresh food in a …
2014 Black Friday Deals and Hours
If you're a Black Friday shopper, you'll be happy to know you don't' have to wait until Black Friday to get great deals. Some stores, like last year, are opening on Thanksgiving, while others are sticking to tradition.  We'll continue to update as more Black Friday ads …
Call to Boycott Black Friday Shopping on Thanksgiving
Black Friday has become Black Thursday as more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving to get a jump start on holiday shopping. The change isn't sitting well with thousands of people who are joining a new Facebook page, Boycott Black Thursday.

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