Help Jason Derulo Create New Song for Coca-Cola / ‘American Idol’ Contest
Jason Derulo was sidelined from touring after breaking his neck in rehearsals earlier this year, but the singer has not been idle while he recovers. Instead, he’s been Idol…’American Idol,’ that is. The singer has teamed up with the show and Coca-Cola for a unique contest where you can help him create a song that will be performed on the finale. That’s what we call hitting the creatve jackpot. Rea
What’s the Real Story Behind the Popular Soft Drink Coca-Cola?
Nothing could be more American than sitting down with your friends, in a restaurant or during the big game, and enjoying a great big glass of Coca-Cola, right? Coca-Cola means Santa Claus, family outings and summertime fun… in other words, pure Americana. So, what does Coca-Cola have to do with America’s war on drugs?
Could This Be Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula?
The secret formula for Coca-Cola has always been one of the most heavily-guarded secrets in the world.  It's up there with Roswell, The Moon Landings, The Kraby Patty recipe, and anything to do with Kennedy's. We have big news to announce!