You Now Can Be Fined For Not Brushing The Snow Off Your Car
Have you ever been blasted with the snow coming from the roof of the car in front of you? Have you ever been unfortunate enough to be traveling behind one of these rude motorists? A friend (who commutes through Connecticut) and I were having a spirited conversation about following a snow covered car…
How You Can Help Families in Newtown, Connecticut
In the wake of the horrific killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week, Americans across the country are wondering how they can aid the families of the victims. There are numerous methods to donate money, but you also can help in other ways, such as volunteering your time, writing a card or …
Dog Owner Offers Out Hugs to Heal Newtown
In an attempt to heal not only the ones directly connected to the tragedy at Newtown, CT, this past Friday, but the entire town, retired special education teacher Michael Cragin has decided to offer out hugs — not from him, but from his beloved bulldog Truman.
To Newtown With Love
There has been an overwhelming reaction to Friday's school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  Want to write a letter to the students, teacher and Sandy Hook community?  There is an effort online to send support to those dealing with this tragedy.
Names of Victims in Newtown, Connecticut Massacre Revealed
Authorities have released the names of the victims of Friday's mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly killed 27 people, as well as himself. Lanza's rampage began when he shot and killed his mother, Nancy, at her home before he drove to Sandy Hook Element…