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Wishes For 2014
Happy New Year!   Time to tackle those resolutions, right?  Not Delilah.  She's skipping those resolutions and instead is focusing on her hopes and wishes for 2014.
Delilah's pizza pasta casserole.
If your family enjoys pizza and pasta, they'll probably like this recipe too.  Pizza pasta casserole.  Sounds really good, doesn't it?  Read on for the recipe from Delilah.
Photos from Delilah's Christmas 2013.
Were you taking pictures on Christmas?  That's the beauty of pictures.  Just looking at them helps to relive the memories again and again.  Enjoy these holiday photos from Delilah's Christmas 2013.
This Christmas, don't forget our soldiers overseas.
Christmas is almost here.  As you get ready to celebrate with loved ones don't forget about our soldiers who are far from home this Christmas.  They won't be opening presents with their families this year.  Their children will be missing them even more on Christmas morning. …
Wouldn't it be great to set the scale back during holidays?
Christmas cookies, holiday parties, baking, Christmas candy everywhere you turn.  Resisting all these treats can be tough at this time of the year.  Since we set our clocks not too long ago, wouldn't it be great if you could set the scale back during the holidays?  A daily Delila…
What's the best Christmas present you've ever received?
The excitement of Christmas isn't limited to simply one day.  Perhaps at some point in your life you've received a Christmas present that was so special it made you smile all year long.  Delilah wants to know, what's the best Christmas present you've ever received? …
Homemade holiday gifts aren't always a good idea.
Homemade gifts can be a great way to save money during the holidays.  Then again, sometimes homemade gifts aren't always such a great idea.  Forget the holiday hustle and bustle for a minute and have a laugh with this Daily Delilah.
Photos from Delilah's trip to New York City.
Despite the cold and snowy weather, Delilah had a good time in the Big Apple over the weekend.  Skating in Central Park and spending some time with family and good friends.    Enjoy the pictures from Delilah's trip to New York City.
Delilah's Christmas at the farm photos.
Beautiful Christmas trees, singing Christmas carols and sparkling Christmas ornaments.  A few of the many things that make this season so festive and bright.  Take a peek at these photos from Christmas at Delilah's farm.

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