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The Five Most Memorable Experiences For Men And Women
Life changing events.  Moments and events you will never forget.  What would you put in your top five?  Over 2000 adults in the UK were asked to name the events that stand out the most in their memory.   According to the Daily Mail, both men and women named the same eve…
Women Buy 62 Pounds of Clothes Every Year
Most women love to shop.  They also love buying new clothes.  I definitely like to shop and buy new clothes  but even I was kind of shocked when I read that the average woman now buys about half her body weight each year in clothes.  That's some serious shopping.
What Age Should Women Stop Wearing Bikinis?
Winter is over and now that the weather is finally getting  nice, we're breaking out our summer clothes and bathing suits too.  Do you think there's a certain age when women should stop wearing bikinis?   How about miniskirts or high heels?