dangerous toys from our childhood

Vintage Toys – Bop It
Remember when President Bill Clinton beat Bob Dole? Or, do you remember when the Spice Girls had their first number 1hit with "Wannabe"? Of course we are talking about the year 1996, and the hottest selling toy of the year was the Bop It. It's our Spotlight with today's V…
8 Toys Lost In The 80s
Kids today think they have the coolest toys and gizmos. I'd like to see their iPods survive a trip in the washer like our G.I. Joes and Cabbage Patch Kids did. Toys today don't have the same appeal as toys from the 80s did. Nothing beats a cartoon about crime fighting pound puppies. But mo…
Dangerous Toys From Our Childhood- Wonderball
Maybe on Cinco de Mayo you’ll celebrate with some candy! Why not have a treat from yesteryear with Nestles Wonder Ball! Even though it’s candy it still had toys inside, that’s our spotlight on Dangerous Toys From Our Childhood.
Dangerous Toys From Our Childhood- Slip N’ Slide
Let's Slip N' Slide back to the good old days of our youth. It's summer time, you don't have a pool. What do you have? Your parents bought you a huge Yellow Tarp to put all over the back yard to run and jump on. Don't worry though its covered in water! Today's Dangerous…
Dangerous Toys From Our Childhood
For some reason we had this growing up, and it doesn't look to safe by Tody's standards. "Let's have a ball on a disk and hope a kid doesn't fall down and get hurt". I wrote a story about Worst Toys from growing up, and I regret not adding this.