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The 8 Secrets To Happy And Succesful Couples In Relationships
Are you a happy couple and just love your life so much you wanna shout it from the mountains? Or maybe you're not happy with your situation at all and wonder where you went wrong. Well here's a list of 8 patterns that successful and happy couples practice. Check things off the list or take…
Tie the Grey Way
Learning how to tie a tie doesn't have to drive you nuts and the good news is it's CAKE to tie one and can take literally seconds if you're taught the right way. I trolled through a ton of tie tutorials and this one is by far the quickest and easiest to understand and also the method …
Reports Confirm Broken Hearts Hurt Like Broken Bones
If you’re suffering from the broken heart blues you may claim other than emotionally, it really does hurt. Well if you’re afraid to say anything in the fear of looking crazy don’t panic. According to a new study, your brain processes a broken heart in …
What His Dog Says About Him
I can’t imagine a day in my life without going home and seeing my little pups. We pretty much run a zoo in my home, and we have a few different animals. We have four dogs, yup you read that right. Four dogs!
What You Should Never Say Out On A Date
When you’re out on a date you got to be careful with what you say. If you say the wrong words this can lead to a meaningless conversation that goes back and forth until you're both either too exhausted or too annoyed to start the date.
What Everyone Is Looking For In A Partner
The dating world seems complicated. It's easy to figure out the kind of person you want, it's a lot harder to find them. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, and you may be lost. We all want similar things it seems, according to this new survery.

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