Here Are Five Father's Day Fun Facts
During this Father's Day weekend we thought we'd share with you five Father's Day Fun facts (say that five times fast) taken from Women's Health magazine. Perhaps you can identify with some of these.
A Father’s Day Song For Us Awkward Dads To Enjoy [VIDEO]
Hey Dad, have you ever had an awkward moment with your child and it was captured in a photo? I have. The photo above was taken just moments before I stood up and slammed my son's head into the ceiling fan. Keeping with this week's Father's Day theme, enjoy a video, courtesy of the guys at Awkward Fa…
Parody: I’m A Daddy & I Know It [VIDEO]
Sure it's six months until Father's Day but since I'm a daddy and proud of it, I thought I'd share a hilarious video featuring a father of five. I wonder where mom is? She must be a work helping to support all those kids and that wonderful home they live in. So go ahead and enjoy…
Fatherhood Can Cause a Drop in Testosterone Levels
In the first study of its kind, researchers compared the testosterone level of men when they were single and childless to their testosterone level after they had had a child.
While testosterone always decreases when men age, the decline was much more pronounced among the men who …