FCC Making Cell Number 'Spoofing' Illegal
Has this happened to you? Your phone rings, and the caller ID says the call is coming from the 315 area code - so you answer - and it's a telemarketer. Well, now the Feds are stepping in.
Calling 911 On Your Cell [VIDEO]
When you have an emergency the first thing you're most likely to do is grab your phone and call 911. Having a smart phone along with your phone number, really helps emergency people get to your general location. But that's not always the case.
New York Taxing Your Cell Phone At All Time High
It’s no big secret that New York has some of the highest taxes in the country. Property, sales, and income to name a few. But a new report also shows that New Yorkers pay more than 20 percent of their wireless bills in taxes and fees thanks to outdated and duplicated surcharges.