Firefighter Friday
This week's featured firefighter is Josh Ambrose of the Liverpool Fire Department. He explains what it's like to be captain of a fire department at a young age.
98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn
In this week's '98 Seconds' video, Naomi tries on a firefighter's air tank and mask. We also learn about the improvements that have been made to this equipment.
Firefighters Rescuing Cats
You know in old cartoons where firefighters have to rescue poor little kitties that run up trees? We asked a firefighter if there was any truth behind this scenario.
Firefighter Friday
This week we talk with the Chief of the Clayville Fire Department Joe Inglis. He tells us about his journey into firefighting and the hardest part of his job.
ICYMI: Firefighter Friday
In this week's 'Firefighter Friday' we talk with Jack Graham of the Old Forge FD. He tells us how the mountains can make for some difficult fire calls.
Firefighter Friday
This week's featured firefighter for 'Firefighter Friday' is not only the Chief of the Sylvan Beach Fire Department, he's also an EMT and a police officer.
Newport Firefighter Dave Jones
This week's featured firefighter for 'Firefighter Friday' is Dave Jones of the Newport Fire Department. His nominator had some wonderful things to say about him
Maynard Firefighter Caldwell
This week's featured firefighter is Randy Caldwell of the Maynard Fire Department in Marcy. He tells us what got him into firefighting in the first place and how things have changed in the fire service over the years.

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