Help Find a Cure For Hydrocephalus
It's a really devastating condition - hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain. It can happen at birth, or at any age. It can cause brain damage, and if untreated can even be fatal. It may be rare, but the outcome takes an extreme toll on the patient as well as the whole family.
Money Meant for Medical Costs Allegedly Stolen
We first heard about Deb's story back in August. We were promoting her benefit planned to assist her with medical costs associated with the horrific disease, ALS. She and many other members of her family have been diagnosed with this debilitating illness, and some have passed away. On top of al…
Lainey's Army Needs Help Caring for 50 Sickly Rescue Dogs
Anytime there is an animal in need in Central New York you can almost guarantee that the amazing volunteers from Lainey's Army are somewhere close by to help pick up the pieces. They are in constant need of donations and support, but things are about to get very challenging as they will soon ta…

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