Hilarious 'Whisper Challenge'
Have you seen the 'whisper challenge?.' The game is the brainchild of Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show. Parents of teenagers know this is how we communicate with our children on a daily basis.
Top 5 Facebook Pet Peeves
Facebook. Do you love it? Hate it? Or are you somewhere in between? I know a lot of us complain about the not so pleasant stuff about it, but do you think you'd miss it if it was gone?
Archie's KanJam House Rules
Labor Day weekend is here and that means bbq's and games like Cornhole, Ladder Ball and my personal favorite - KanJam. Here's some house rules my squad plays by that might make your KanJam experience a little more interesting.
Places to Play Hide and Seek in Central New York
If you've ever been inside of an IKEA store, then you know how massive the place is. Because of it's size and large selection of inventory, it was starting to become a trend for people to play hide and seek inside the store. Well, company officials are putting a stop to it.

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