Google's April Fools
Google has released their 2014 April Fools joke involving Pokemon on Google maps. Looking to capture some in the state of New York? Here's the locations of Pokemon on Google maps and where to find them.
Why Can’t I Comment on YouTube?
YouTube, which is owned by Google, made substantial changes to their commenting feature this week. and if you've tried to comment on a YouTube video, you may have noticed some changes.
Diagon Alley Joins the Muggle World of Google Maps
Like many Harry Potter fans, we are convinced that our Hogwarts acceptance letter was hidden away by cruel parents on our 11th birthday, or else it somehow got lost in owl-post. Either way, we've been cruelly denied the opportunity to stroll the famous, cobbled street in order to shop for magic…
What is Waze?
Google opened their checkbook today and purchased an app called Waze. So what is Waze and why did Google spend $1.3 billion to purchase it?

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