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Dancing Farmer Wants Peace
We got the chance to talk to Jay Lavery, the farmer from Sharon Springs who went viral after posting a video of himself dancing in his barn. He's planning a big dancing event that everyone can be a part of.
Pictures of Ilion From A to Z
How much do you know about Ilion, Frankfort, Herkimer, and the rest of 'The Valley' area? Here's a photo guide from A to Z, that should be able to give you a new understanding to the area.
Utica's Record Donut
Here's one for the history books, and the Guinness Book for that matter; back in 1993, two Utica bakeries collaborated to create a colossal 3739 pound doughnut.
The Most Christmas Lights
There's a new record-holder for the most Christmas lights on a tree, after David Richards created an amazing lighted display that smashed the old record.

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