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Governor Cuomo Launches Investigation Into Chainsmokers Concert
The Chainsmokers performed at the Safe & Sound mini festival in the Hamptons this past Saturday. It was planned to be a "drive-in music experience," where concertgoers could watch the stage from spaced out areas near their cars, but it ended up looking more like a regular concert.
Utica Rep Talks Fracking [VIDEO]
MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes welcomed Lou Allstadt, former EVP of Mobil Oil, who lives here in Central New York and who wrote an open letter to ExxonMobile CEO Rex Tillerson to discuss the highly controversial issue on his show, All In with Chris Hayes.
Getting Hit by Volleyball Saves Man’s Life
Kaipo Pomaikai wasn't feeling so lucky when he was struck in the head by a fast-moving volleyball at his grandson's high school match. To make matters worse, when Kaiko Pomaikia was driving home from the game he started losing vision in his left eye. So Pomaikia went to the hospital, and t…
New Third Hand Smoke Concerns
Everyday we find out something new that's been proven to harm and kill us, it's amazing that any of us are still alive. This new health risk just blew my mind away.