Maine beggar has a different sign for passing drivers.
Will work for food. Homeless, please help. Those are typical signs panhandlers hold up by the side of the road, hoping passing cars will give them money. Drivers in Portland, Maine see a different sign along the road, one this beggar named Teri calls a public service announcement for driver safety.
Blindly Miss a Homeless Relative
A new social experiment from the New York Rescue Mission asks the question, 'If your family was homeless on the streets of New York City would you even recognize them?'
Homeless in Upstate New York – the Ithaca Jungle [VIDEO]
We were walking near the Erie Canal in Utica this past weekend and encountered the domicile of a homeless man - a tent under an overpass, and it got me thinking about homeless people in Upstate New York. In Ithaca, the homeless have taken a part of town as their own and called it the Jungle.