hurricane sandy

President Christie?
What might it look like if current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie became President Chris Christie? The Republican's name has been tossed about by political observers as a possible candidate in 2016.
Concert For Sandy Relief
Do you realize that on 12/12/12 it will be the last repetitive date we'll see in our lifetime? At least we'll have an awesome concert and a great cause to commemorate the event. What a line up of artists who have agreed to participate in the upcoming 12-12-12 (A Concert For Sandy Relief) at New York…
Hurricane Benefit Concert
When NJ Governor Chris Christie said that clean up from Hurricane Sandy will take months and months, he was right on. It's heart warming to see the donations pouring in to the red-cross to restore the shore and now, the stars plan on shining on December 12th.
Take What you NEed
After every natural disaster there are moments that inspire.  This is one of them.  It looks like a yard sale in front of this home in Union Beach, New Jersey.  But the catch - it's all free.  A sign tells passersby "Take What You Need."
Police Help After Sandy
Not only did electric crews from around the country converge on the Northeast to help after Hurricane Sandy hit, turns out police lent assistance as well.
Hurricane Sandy Documentary
We've all been concerned about the devastation and recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy two weeks ago. Now, a special Nova documentary will be broadcast on PBS and aired locally on WCNY-TV, Sunday, November 18th.
Good Karma? [VIDEO]
How ironic, someone from another state wins your state lottery when you can use the money the most. According to ABC News, John Turner who runs National Catastrophe Solutions of Chicago, a local water removal business, was just trying to help clean up areas of his hometown when he hit it big-time.

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