5 CNY Spots for Me Time
You spend your days working hard, and your evenings taking care of errands, shuttling the kids all over town and getting chores done. Central New York has some great places to spend time alone and just...chill.
Why U Need a Kayak
Sure, anyone could take a drive up north or go camping or stay in a cabin, but there's just something extra-sweet about being on the water in the Adirondacks.
Top New to Naomi Adventures
What a year 2015 has been! Naomi Lynn dedicated a lot of time this year exploring the area, and learning what she could about CNY. These were her Top 5 adventures for the year.
Oswego Paddlefest
Get your kayaks and canoes ready for this weekend! It's the third annual Paddlefest, and it's bringing people from all over to check out the Oswego River.
Camping at Eighth Lake
It's summer and that means warm weather, adventures, and camping. This weekend I headed out to Eighth Lake for some more New York-style camping!

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