Liam Neeson

Jimmy Fallon Unearths Liam Neeson’s Very Weird First Movie Role
We've all got jobs we'd rather not remember -- that summer working the French fry bin at McDonald's, that bad internship at our mom's company -- and even mega Hollywood success doesn't prohibit a superstar like Liam Neeson from feeling that exact same pain. The actor has had bad, strange jobs, too, but nothing that could quite compare to his very first movie role.
WATCH: ‘The LEGO Movie’ Debuts 9 Clips of Mini-Figure Action
Chris Pratt is a mini-figure living in the not-so-mini world of 'The LEGO Movie,' which brings together some of your favorite LEGO characters to life on the big screen and gives them the voices of Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson and more! Warner Bros. has released a batch of nine new clips from the animated film so you can preview all the silly humor one can expect from a movie starring
Rihanna Reveals Crushes on ‘Battleship’ Co-Stars
Rihanna is currently engaged in a media blitz for her film debut ‘Battleship,’ where she foregoes her signature glam image to portray a weapons-handling bada–. She’s been in Australia this week promoting the big budget actioner and she shared which of her co-stars she is crushing on.