Mailman Caught Red-Handed [VIDEO]
Like the opening scene from "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," a mailman tosses a box marked fragile, hurling it onto the homeowner's porch. This, however, isn't a movie. An Atlanta homeowner captured this bad mail delivery on his home surveillance system.
No More Saturday Delivery
When I was born, a postage stamp cost $0.15 cents and as a kid, I remember when the price of a stamp was just a quarter. Not the case now, just this past month the cost to zip off a letter went up to $0.46 cents, but that's not enough to get our ailing Post Office out of trouble. I've always loved g…
Post Office Announces Mail-By Dates
The U.S. Postal Service is expecting to handle a record number of packages this holiday season. One of the major reasons is the increase in online shopping which, when combined with the usual sending of cards and letters is expected to result in an increase of some 20% over last seasons mailings. Ge…

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