mark richards

Watch Mark and His Son Dylan Put Up a Christmas Tree [VIDEO]
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, why is setting you up so difficult to me? Well, it's really not that bad. The only trouble was the lights that were half burnt out so I went out and grabbed a couple of new stands for this year. We now invite you to put on a Christmas tune or listen to what's prov…
9/11 'School Girl' Poem
Do you remember where you were when you heard that a plane had crashed into a World Trade Center tower? I do. I was on  the air in Pennsylvania when my co-host informed me of what was happening. I said, "What, a small engine plane flown by some nutcase?" "No"…
Winds Rip Through Utica
A strong cold front moved through Utica yesterday giving us wind speeds of 20 to 60 mph. We experienced frequent gusts of 50 to 60 mph which did damage to trees, power lines and property. Would you like to see what the winds of this magnitude did to my yard?

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