Matt Hubbell

Celebrating Sweat Pants Day
Matt and Naomi are both fortunate to have jobs where they can dress down, on just about any day of the week; but today they dressed really down. Why? It's International Sweat Pants Day.
Eyebrow Shave
I bought a new trimmer at Walmart and I should have read the instructions because I accidentally shaved off part of my eyebrow.
A Friendly Wager
The Insane Inflatable 5K is coming up this weekend! Matt and Naomi decided to make things interesting by putting a friendly wager on the run - Who will finish first?
Things About Living In The South
I must admit, when I moved to Nashville, I experienced a bit of a culture shock. If you're considering a move or a visit to a warmer climate, you may need to know these facts first.

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