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Haunted High School? [VIDEO]
Haunted locations vary greatly from creaky old houses to churches and even revolutionary war battlefields but some of the most haunted locations are those you wouldn't expect. One of the most reportedly haunted locations in Central New York is actually the New Hartford High School.
Maureen Hancock Show
Medium Maureen Hancock brought Postcards from Heaven to the Dr. James Meyer Community Performing Arts Center in New Hartford on Saturday August 30. The evening included Maureen describing her abilities and her amazing story of survival that she details in her book, Postcards from Heaven.
Maureen Hancock – Postcards from Heaven in New Hartford
Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock brings Postcards from Heaven to the Performing Arts Center in New Hartford on Saturday night August 30. Want to learn about Maureen's ability and the special history of the Postcards from Heaven location? Here is a full primer to get you ready for the show.
Medium Maureen Hancock
Would you like an opportunity to speak with medium Maureen Hancock during Intuitive Tuesday? Maureen's calls air each Tuesday in the 5PM hour during Cartunes with Eric Meier.

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