meteor shower

Watch Lyrids Meteor Shower on Live Stream
Get ready for one of the first good meteor shower of the year. The Lyrids Meteor shower is April 16-25 and produce 10-20 meteors per hour at their peak on April 22-23. Although the shower may favor be best seen in Europe, the Lyrids are visible in most parts of the world.
Perseid Meteor Shower
The annual Perseid Meteor Shower was overhead Earth on August 11-12 and again the Perseids proved to be a spectacular show for stargazers.
Meteor Crash in Russia
You're not watching a Sci-Fi movie, this actually happened. Scientists thought earlier this week that a meteor might crash to Earth when in fact it did. In the Ural Mountains region of Western Russia, giant balls of smoke, and a huge fireball streaking down through the sky could be seen.  …