Firefighter Friday: Ken Palmer
This week we head to the Mohawk Fire Department for "Firefighter Friday," and talk with volunteer Ken Palmer, who has been an active firefighter for almost 59 years.
Unique Town Names - Part 2
We're back at it! We have eight more cities and towns in Central New York, and we're going to see how common those names are across the United States.
CNY Word Association
In this week's "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" video, she got a little help from some of her coworkers for a fun game of "Central New York Word Association."
Valley Shooting [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]
**NOTE** This story is being constantly updated.  (The last update was 19 March 2013.)  Please see below for the latest information.
Herkimer, Mohawk, and Utica schools are on modified lockdown at this hour.