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Amazing Singer [VIDEO]
Marlana Vanhoose is a 17 year-old Johnson Central High School student in Eastern Kentucky who is not only blind, but was born with a chickenpox like disease called Cytomegalovirus. She won't let that stop her from realizing her dream of being a singer.
National Anthem Flub
Everyone makes mistakes.  Even legendary artists like James Taylor, who messed up the national anthem last night during game two of the World Series.
Crowd Takes Over
If you heard the crowd take over the singing the National Anthem before the Boston Bruins hockey game last night (April 17th), surely you got goosebumps. This was the first time since the Boston Marathon tragedy that the Boston Bruins have played. They took on the Buffalo Sabres, who took home the v…
National Anthem Auditions
Have you ever dreamed of singing the National Anthem in front of a national audience? It could happen! Auditions will be held soon in Western New York for singing the National Anthem before a Buffalo Bills game. Hurry, CDs and DVDs are due by May 10th.

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