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Top New to Naomi Adventures
What a year 2015 has been! Naomi Lynn dedicated a lot of time this year exploring the area, and learning what she could about CNY. These were her Top 5 adventures for the year.
Enjoying Fall on the Cheap
After writing about '7 Fall Things You Can Do in Utica and They're Cheap,' I figured I would take my own advice and have a cheap, fall, fun-filled weekend.
An Array of Firsts
It was my first time in North Carolina, it was my first time seeing the ocean, and it was my first time being stuck in a car for 23 hours - Tons of 'firsts' for this week's 'New to Naomi.'
Canal Days in Little Falls
This weekend I headed into Little Falls for some exploring and adventures. My travels led me to 'Canal Days,' with drinks, music, fun, and a little gambling.
New to Naomi
It was a very educational, (but still tons of fun) 'New to Naomi' this weekend. I headed to New York Mills for the Polish-American Festival.
Fun at the County Fair
This weekend, 'New to Naomi' took me on a fun experience - my first ever New York fair! I've always loved fairs, so obviously I was excited when I heard there was one going on in Boonville.
New York-Style Camping
This weekend, 'New to Naomi' took me up in North Country - near Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake. It was a camping adventure like nothing I've ever experienced before - 'New York Style.'

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