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Even The World's Fattest Man Can Find Love Online [VIDEO]
Can you imagine your breakfast including a whole packet of bacon, four sausages, four eggs, bread and hash browns and more? Well, when Paul Mason was at his heaviest, that's what he'd consume everyday. His diet would check in at 20,000 calories a day and it looked like Paul was eating his …
Delilah’s Dilemma: Online Dating
Sasha met a guy online and thought things were going well between the two of them.  She emailed him to wish him luck in his search and he took down his profile.
How To Have The Winning Online Dating Profile
Online dating is getting more popular by the day and more and more people are finding their mates through the internet. It's not as easy as you may think though because you need to make sure you have a profile you are proud of in order to attract the most people. You may need some tips.

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