pay it forward

Secret Santa Pays for Entire Drive Thru Line at Dunkin in Verona
Christmas is all about giving back. Or in this case, giving back and back and back. A secret Santa gave back to everyone behind her in the drive thru at Dunkin in Verona. Kelly Hauk was one of the people in that line. "Huge thank you to the lady who paid for the entire Dunkin drive thru line at the Savon in Verona this morning...
‘Pay It Forward Chain’ at Tim Horton’s Lasts Three Hours
It all started when a customer at a Tim Horton's coffee shop in Winnipeg, Canada decided to spread some holiday cheer by also footing the bill for the next customer in line. But instead of putting their money away, the customer who just got free coffee chose to use the cash on the next person in line. And, suddenly, an epic "pay it forward" chain had begun.