'Downton Abbey' Confirmed to End with Season 6
Set down that saucer of tea and wipe away the crumpets, shocking news lies in store. After six decadent seasons spent at the luxurious Downton Abbey, producers have officially confirmed that the Crawley family will say goodbye. The final episode will air later on this year, but when, your servants i…
‘Sherlock’ Series 3 May Not Air Until 2014
We sure hope mystery fans have been enjoying the inaugural season of CBS' 'Elementary,' because that might be the only 'Sherlock' fix they have for awhile. While British series typically take longer to produce and air, particularly those with such prolific stars as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Fr…
Hurricane Sandy Documentary
We've all been concerned about the devastation and recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy two weeks ago. Now, a special Nova documentary will be broadcast on PBS and aired locally on WCNY-TV, Sunday, November 18th.
Million Muppet March
When the Muppets hit the streets and head to Washington DC to exercise their right of free speech, I wonder if they'll be sing Mahna Mahna? Look out Washington, here comes the “Million Muppet March”! The Million Muppet March is a demonstration taking place at the National Mall in Washington just in …

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