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Hate Being Interrupted?
Do you hate getting interrupted? What if your job included lots and lots of speaking engagements which offered plenty of chances for people to interrupt you? Yes, even the President gets interrupted and it seems quite frequently too. So what happens when you interrupt our current Commander in Chief?
Obama Jokes With Ellen
When it comes to Twitter, it's Ellen DeGeneres not President Obama who rules.  That selfie DeGeneres snapped while hosting the Oscars last month bested Obama for the top retweet on Twitter.  How did the President respond?
Watch President Obama meet his impersonator.
Iman Crosson acts and talks a lot like President Obama.  That's because he impersonates him.  So what happens when the impersonator meets the real deal?  See for yourself what happened when President Obama met his impersonator.
Medal Of Honor
This is not the face of an actor or sports star who we often call heroes. This is Ty Carter, a true American hero. President Barack Obama bestowed the nation's highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, on Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter this week, saluting the veteran of the war in Afghanistan as &…

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