The 10 Regions of New York Defined
It has been a huge debate since... forever - Where does Central New York Start? What is considered Upstate New York? Well, thanks to the good people on Reddit - we now have an answer.
Update On House with Secret Staircase and Crawlspace
It was less than one week ago that the internet was sufficiently creeped out by the series of images posted on Imgur then shared on reddit of a home with a hidden staircase off the master bedroom that reveled a creepy crawlspace with evidence that someone had been living there. The original pos…
House Reveals Secret Staircase with Terrifying Secret
It's a few weeks after Halloween, but this is sure to creep you out. Check out this series of photos posted to the WTF board of reddit under the title 'Secret Staircase Reveals Terrifying Secret.'
Update:  A few days after the original posting of the photos, the young man who disc…
Reddit's Random Acts of Christmas
There is a very strong altruistic side to the internet's social news site reddit. Users give and request gifts for the holiday season on the Random Acts of Christmas subreddit.
Bat Fish Caught in Santos, Brazil
Recently it was oarfish in California that caught our collective aquatic eye. Today, thanks to a viral (NSFW at times) post on Reddit, the world gets a look at the usually bottom-dwelling batfish caught recently in Santos, Brazil.

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