Howling Apology [AUDIO]
Okay, you've heard my one-liners; "I've been dumped more than topsoil." "I've been cheated on more than a high school math test." "I've been lied to more than Judge Judy." Well, breaking up really isn't a laughing matter unless you're listening to this voice mail left b…
Daily Delilah-Nourish Those Around You
Often it's the little things in life that mean so much.  Like telling someone what a good job they're doing or making someone smile who's having a tough time.  Do you make the time to nourish those around you?
The 8 Secrets To Happy And Succesful Couples In Relationships
Are you a happy couple and just love your life so much you wanna shout it from the mountains? Or maybe you're not happy with your situation at all and wonder where you went wrong. Well here's a list of 8 patterns that successful and happy couples practice. Check things off the list or take…
Top Celeb Couples Who Fell In Love At Work
Starting a relationship at work can be a no-no for most people. Some people actually have the most successful relationships that came out of a work setting. Think about it: You'll work together, share the same stress, and know some of the same people. Can't be too bad right?

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