CoreLife Preview Night
CoreLife Eatery is the new, healthy option for dining out that's opening in New Hartford. They're offering a free preview of their food before the restaurant even opens.
Ithaca College Walkout
Just after all the news with the University of Missouri, now students at Ithaca College are taking a stand. Activists are demanding that their president step down, due to racial injustice on the campus.
Back to School Hacks
Going back to school can be stressful for moms, dads, and students alike, this video will help ease the burden of that unnecessary pressure and worry of hitting the books once again!
Taylor Swift Rotoscoped
There's a million videos of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' - from the parodies to the ridiculous dance styles, and everything in between, but this is by far the BEST video done to this song. And all with the art of rotoscoping.
New Hampshire Hates Kids?
A group of 4th graders in New Hampshire took a field trip to the state legislature because they wanted to make the red-tailed hawk the state raptor (bird of prey). What was expected to be a fun-filled trip that would allow kids to learn how government works turned into an absolute nightmare!

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