Royal Wedding New Drinks
The royal bride-to-be is getting a lot of perks. Think about it, the woman's about to become princess! She’s getting all the treatment and now she’s getting her own beer. It's true- hops and all.
Dark Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub
If you love chocolate you will love this! You can now experience the rare and pure treat of Real Chocolate in the shower! The Dark Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub is made with Raw Certified Organic Ecuadorian Cacao beans, and can scrub away dull skin while leaving a delicious aroma on the skin.
Special Parking Privileges For Pregnant Woman
As a man, I can’t imagine what a woman must go through during a pregnancy. It must be a pain to go to the store and such, and have to walk around a parking lot. Well some pregnant woman in the big apple will start to be a little luckier.
10 Facts About Kissing
Smooching, snogging, lip-locking, tongue wrestling, tonsil hockey, what ever you may call it it’s kissing! How the heck did we come up with that? This strange act, when done properly, can make life worth living.
5 Stages Of Being Stood Up
There is nothing worse than getting stood up. It's one of the most hurtful and humiliating aspects of dating. came up with a list of the five stages you need to go through if you're stood up.
Tips For Online Dating
While doing some web surfing I found a story by Ami Angelowicz of talking about guys and online dating. I wanted to expand on what she found because honestly these rules can apply to any gender!
Need Money To Go Shopping?
If you ever needed a lot of money to go shopping don’t do what this lady did. A woman faked her own kidnapping to see if her husband would pay a $20,000 ransom. She has been arrested after police caught her preparing to spend the money in High Street sales.
Proud New Father Elton John
Elton John is father to a new baby boy! The “Rocket Man” singer became father of his own little “Tiny Dancer” on December 25. Could we insert any more Elton puns?

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