thousand islands

Bar of Ice
A hotel in Clayton, New York has trucked in 20,000 pounds of ice used to create a fun-filled frozen weekend of entertainment.
Completely Different Meaning
If you ever travel the country, you'll notice some words don't mean the same thing in one state compared to the next. Here's five words that mean something different if you're from New York.
Haunted Longue Vue Island [VIDEO]
In a location such as the Thousand Islands, where there are (literally) a thousand islands, it takes something special to make a specific island stand out. Heart Island has the tragic past of the Boldt family, Dark Island has massive Singer Castle, and Longue Vue Island stands out as the only man-ma…
Thousand Islands Bridge is Dedicated Today in 1938
It was on this date in 1938 that the Thousand Island Bridge in Upstate New York's Jefferson County was dedicated.  The bridge opened to traffic the year before but today is the anniversary of a dedication ceremony featuring President Franklin Roosevelt, the former governor of New York State.
The inte…