traffic light

What to Do when the Traffic Lights Go Out?
This happens a few times each year, a power outage or storm will knock out the traffic lights at intersections around town. I was always taught to treat this situation as a 4-way stop. All cars come to a stop and then proceed through like there was a stop sign at each corner.
Should Utica Traffic Lights Go to Blink Mode at Night?
Ever get stuck at a red light where there's absolutely no traffic around?  Seems silly to sit there, all alone, just because the light and the law say you have to.  One former local TV news anchor has a proposal to change the rules, so drivers can save time and gas -- and maybe even t…
Traffic Light Gifts From Fox
Fox sent us a nice gift from the new comedy Traffic Light which premieres tonight! The show centers on three longtime friends as they deal with the complications of their relationships.