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How Do You Define Success?
How do you define success? A nice car? Fancy house? Or is being truly successful far less tangible? This quote is one of my favorites and I look at it every single day on my fridge.
Trudy Misses The Hook [VIDEO]
The Utica area has such great restaurants but there's one restaurant that's been gone now for almost four years that I miss a lot. The Hook, Line and Sinker that was on Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford.
Check The Expiration Dates? [VIDEO]
When you're grocery shopping, are you good about checking expiration dates? You should be because more and more, I'm seeing stores selling food that's already expired. Sometimes it's been expired for months. Yuck. Online shopping is great but the downside is you can't check …
The Power Of Music
There's a poster outside our studios here at Lite 98.7 that I think sums up perfectly the power of music. Music can make us feel so many things.
Christmas In August? [VIDEO]
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas even though it's only August. Have I lost my mind? Nope, it's what I'm seeing in some Central New York stores. Have you seen all those Christmas decorations yet?
Halloween Costumes Appear [VIDEO]
The kids haven't gone back to school yet, despite the back to school merchandise that's been in stores for what seems like the entire summer. But why focus on back to school when you can jump ahead to Halloween and what to dress up as? Yeah, in case you've missed it, the Halloween cos…
Trudy's Favorite Movie [VIDEO]
I've seen lots of movies that are simply okay or pretty awful but every once in a while I find a movie that I can't stop talking about it. "Lone Survivor" is that kind of movie. Based on true events, it's the story of our Navy Seals on a mission in Afghanistan. Simpl…
Cro-Dough In The Studio [VIDEO]
Ever heard of a cro-dough? Me neither until I was grocery shopping this morning and I discovered them in the bakery. What are they and how do they taste? I knew it was time to buy a cro-dough and see if it tasted as good as it looked.
On The Toy Radio Station
Every time we go to the toy store, my kids play with this one particular toy. It's a toy DJ set and they love it. Finally I gave in and bought it and when I heard what my four year old was saying on his "radio station" I laughed out loud.
Helicopter Lands in NH
The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect for the Annual Fire Truck show last night at the New Hartford Shopping Center. The parking lot was packed with people of all ages and when we got there, everyone was waiting the arrival of the medical helicopter. What a thrill it was to watch it la…
Way too Soon?
Summer is less than a month old and already the Halloween treats are popping up on store shelves. We wait for our endless CNY winters to end and don't want to rush summer one bit. Even though back to school stuff is already for sale and that seems a bit early to me too, Halloween treats can wai…

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