unhealthy food

The Unhealthiest Meals?
For those with monster appetites, Red Robin offers a monster burger meal which packs a whopping 3500 calories. That's more calories than you should eat in an entire day. It's also earned the distinction as the unhealthiest meal at a restaurant chain, according to the Center for Science In the Public Interest.. Aren't you curious what other restaurants made the list?
How To Handle Your Cravings
We all know what it feels like to crave unhealthy foods and feel guilty after we give in. Every Friday is my unhealthy day where I just pig out, and regret it all weekend. Some of us give in to those cravings more than we'd like to admit and we end up with more of ourselves as a result. Addiction expert Nora Volkow has 5 tips that the Huffington Post is reporting on, on how to handle your cravings