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Buffalo Greens
It's easy to take Central New York's delicious and uniquely homegrown cuisine for granted. And it's sad that those outside of the greater Utica area don't get a chance to enjoy the greens, riggies and tomato pie that we do.
Taste of CNY
You don't have to travel too far outside the Utica area for food staples like chicken riggies, Utica greens and tomato pie to disappear from restaurant menus. So what's a Utica native to do when he can't find his hometown foods elsewhere in Upstate New York? Set up a food truck, of co…
An Ode to Utica Greens [VIDEO]
Several different varieties of Utica Greens were at the studio today. We got to sample mild and medium greens as well as special varieties with chicken and sausage. I was so inspired by being surrounded by greens, I had to break out in poem.
Making Utica Greens [VIDEO]
Upstate New York natives know what we mean when we say 'Utica Greens.' The sauteed escarole with pork, garlic, peppers and cheese.  Ever wonder how it's made?  We found a great video that takes you step by step through the process.
The 5 Foods that Define Utica
I’ve lived in Utica all my life and I must say we have some GREAT food! I know when my family from out of state comes to town they always look forward to some of the food staples here in Utica. Even my friends from New York City look forward to their meals here. I find it quite enter…