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County Deputy Suspented
A video showing an interaction between a Saratoga County Sheriff's deputy and a civilian resulted in the deputy being suspended following the video being released on YouTube.
What Are They Using?
The musical group OK Go, has scored another viral video hit with their latest release, "I Won't Let You Down." This is the group that had the 'treadmill video' and the 'Mousetrap/Rube Goldberg Machine' video. And with the release of "I Won't L…
Act Of Kindness Goes Viral [VIDEO]
A little kindness can go a long way. Some firefighter's in Texas went the extra mile for a man in medical distress and their act of kindness has now gone viral.
Daughter Posing For Selfies [VIDEO]
My five-year old wants to brush his teeth so they look nice and my older son refuses to grow out his hair. We try to encourage our kids to appreciate their appearance because we believe it builds self esteem. When dad realized his daughter was in the midst of boosting her self esteem with an epic ph…
Make The Homeless Smile Videos
These young men from TrueStoryASA have got it right. How does twerking, planking and joking around on the internet make the world a better place? What you are about to see is still going viral, and that's a good thing. You'll enjoy this 'Make The Homeless Smile' video.
Cops Take On Katy Perry [VIDEO]
Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" is one of the current hottest songs, so why not lip sync it as you're driving around? And that includes driving around in your patrol car. Two Texas police officers did just that to show the public they're just like you and me. They love mus…
Watch Morgan Freeman on Helium [VIDEO]
Remember when you were a kid and sucking out the helium from balloons to make your voice high-pitched was everyone's favorite birthday party activity? (Was that just us? Oh, OK.) Well, Morgan Freeman -- the man with one of the most soothing and distinguishable voices of all-time -- recently exp…
Toddler Falls From Window [VIDEO]
This is amazing video of a man catching a one-year-old baby after it fell from a second story window in China. Neighbors say that it appeared that the baby was looking for its mother when it climbed out onto a window ledge.

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