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Longest Weather Report [VIDEO]
Talking for hours on end can be quite a strain on your voice. How about talking for 33 hours straight while giving the weather forecast? The world record for longest weather report has been broken by a woman in Norway.
Most typical ten year old kids aren't thinking about budgets, marketing strategies or worrying about the bottom line. Meet Jack Jones, the ten year old CEO of a company which buys and sells textbooks online.
Unlikely Hero [VIDEO]
A bear at the Budapest Zoo was the unlikely rescuer of a bird in trouble. The bird was drowning and the bear pulled it to safety. Hardly what you'd expect from a bear, right?
Tech Savvy Cat [VIDEO]
Forget those scratching poles and cat toys. A three year old cat in Sarasota, Florida was feeling a bit bored, so he hopped on the phone and dialed 911.
Minnesota's Biggest Candy Store
Is there such a thing as a successful business in 2014 that operates without a phone number, website, electronic scanners or credit cards? Sounds really crazy, doesn't it? Meet Minnesota's largest candy store which operates successfully without any of those things.
12 Year Old Steals Bus Twice [VIDEO]
Kids love school buses. There are countless books and toys for kids featuring school buses. Stealing a school bus? Now that's a different story. Apparently a 12 year old in Florida managed to steal a school bus not once but twice.

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