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Could You Do It? [VIDEO]
Despite massive amounts of wealth in Hong Kong, there are thousands living there in conditions that frankly aren't fit for humans, especially parents with small children. Could you imagine living with your family in a room the size of a king mattress?
Falls From Stage [VIDEO]
Meeting the President isn't something that happens to most of us. So if you're lucky enough to be invited to the White House, it's sure to be a memorable moment. Unfortunately for this player from U Conn, falling off the White House stage wasn't the memorable moment she envisione…
Ten Year Old College Student? [VIDEO]
Wow, this is one really, really smart kid. A ten year old California boy just graduated from high school and already is attending college. With intelligence and determination like that, it probably won't surprise you what he wants to be when he grows up.
Passenger Helps Fly Plane [VIDEO]
This is a scary scenario. The pilot of the United Airlines plane you're flying on suddenly has a heart attack. A flight attendant asks if any  passengers on board are pilots. That would be a tense time for everybody on the plane. Fortunately a National Guard pilot was able to step in and h…
Puppy drivers car into a pond.
Puppies want to explore and sometimes that means getting in to a bit of mischief. Rosie, a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy in Canton, Massachusetts, got in to lots of mischief when she accidentally drove her owner's car into a pond. Yikes!
Zoo Harmonica [VIDEO]
When I was a kid, my brother got a harmonica for his birthday and spent hours playing it over and over. Have you ever seen a bear attempting to play a harmonica? This sloth bear at the Smithsonian Zoo sounds pretty good on the harmonica. Remember bear, practice makes perfect.
Even Bears Need R&R
A nice spring day is a good time to swing in a hammock and take it easy. Even close your eyes for a little nap. But what if the hammock in your backyard is already being used by a black bear?  A bear who can't seem to resist enjoying some rest and relaxation  in this Daytona Beach bac…
Too Weird Wedding [VIDEO]
A woman in Tennessee has created quite an uproar with her wedding dress. She tied her one month old baby to the train of her wedding dress and walked down the aisle with the baby dragging on the train.

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