Have you seen the brand new Taste NY store along the NYS Thruway just west of Fultonville? The store opened up only back in July 2016, but it appears it's currently being ripped apart.

The Taste NY store is located at the Living History Rest Area at Lock E-13 of the Erie Canal. You can find this stop just west of Fultonville, going west on the NYS Thruway. It seemed like driving down the thurway, this store has been being built for what seemed like forever. The store finally opened up to the public back in July of 2016, then closed for the winter season.

According to CBS 6 out of Albany, the construction value of the original project was $7.5 million. They are reporting that it’s believed the recent construction, and tear down, is costing between $1 million to $3 million. Where is that money coming from? It's coming from you the thruway driver, and your tax money too. The Thruway Authority operates with your toll money and some of your tax money.

It appears now that the store will not operate, and is being replace with something else:

“The Lock E-13 expansion utilizes an existing structure and capitalizes on a popular tourism corridor in the Mohawk Valley along the scenic Erie Canal. The improved facility, which will operate year-round, will now include space for State Police Troop T, an updated interior featuring historical information about the region, a children's playground, a covered porch and Electric Vehicle charging stations.”

Back in November, the "I Love NY" signs on the thruway were declared illegal. Not only did these signs cost more that projected, they were technically illegal. This landed Governor Cumo into some hot water. NY taxpayers are now paying the bill to remove them.

Could this site and those signs be related?



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