Now that high school football season is back in full swing here in Central New York, there's no time like the present to remember the importance of good sportsmanship. 

I'll be honest, I'm a competitive individual by nature but when I was younger I used to let my fighter temperament get the best of me. I was a decent tennis player in high school, and I took it very seriously; too seriously at times. I'm not proud to say that I've thrown a few racquets and refused to shake my opponents hand when I experienced a tough loss.

The teen in this video is obviously way more mature than I was at his age. His gracious act exemplifies good sportsmanship and kindness: When a disabled player on the opposing team was finally given the chance to play, he took a few shots at the basket but kept missing. According to

perhaps nerves were getting the best of him. That was gonna be all there was to the story; in the game but 0 points – still a great experience – but perhaps not all you’d wish for. That was it, all over; until a player on the other team decided he had a role to play in this story too.

Watch this young man step up and do something remarkable.