When I flew to Florida last week I thought "Wow, I cannot believe we're able to do this." If this were the 1600s it would take days on horseback just to travel a few hundred miles. Also thought I'd probable be dead in my 40s from some incurable disease. The only reason why I'd want to live in the 1600s rather than today is to avoid a mass shooting. Other than that, we've got it good these days and here are ten reasons why.

10) You don't have to be on a boat for days and days to get to Europe, just take a plane.

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9) Scurvy? Not a chance because it's really uncommon these days.

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8) You don't have to wait for a man on horseback to deliver a message to you. You can just shoot a text.

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7) We don't see witches burned at the stake anymore, and that's a good thing.

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6) Football

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5) We're doing a much better job with prosthetics.

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4) Major advancements in dentistry.

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3) We really do take modern plumbing for granted.

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2) Wifi just about anywhere.

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1) And finally, women's fashion doesn't always involve agonizing pain.

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