Black Friday is here.  Perhaps you've been out since the wee hours of the morning grabbing up all those Black Friday sales.  Or maybe you're not going near any stores today because you don't want to deal with lots of crowds.  If you're wondering when, during the holidays, stores are the least and most busy, I've got the answer for you.

ShopperTrak took a look at foot traffic in stores to determine the lightest shopping days during the holidays.  These are the ten lightest holiday shopping days.  They're ranked from least to most retail traffic.  Now you'll be able to avoid the crowds, sort of.  Hey, it's the holidays, which means stores are going to be busy.

1.  Novemeber 27

2.  November 26

3.  November 28

4.  December 4

5.  November 29

6.  December 3

7.  December 5

8.  December 6

9.  December 10

10.  December 11

Do you do more shopping online than in stores?  How do you feel about holiday crowds while shopping?