We've turned the calendar and entered the merry month of March.  Green isn't just for Saint Patrick's Day this month.  How about saving the green in your wallet?  These are the best things to buy in March.

CBS News reports March is a super time for those who love chocolate.  You can probably guess why.  That leftover Valentine's Day candy needs to get off the shelves so the Easter candy can take its place.  I've seen V-Day candy recently marked 75% off.

Winter coats and other winter apparel is priced low this month since stores want their spring merchandise out now.  I've seen bathing suits in stores already and we're not even done with winter yet.

March is National Frozen Foods Month so this is a super time to stock up on your favorite frozen foods.  How about some extra frozen appetizers and entrees for when you're too tired to cook?

Need a laptop?  Buy it this month and you're likely to get a really good deal.

Big TV's.  Whether it's March Madness that has you shopping for a big TV or you've wanted one for a while, this month is a good time to purchase one.

Smart Phones.  Just like clothing, retailers want to clear out the older models and focus on the new ones.  So that means good deals for you.

Saint Patrick's Day, March Madness, the start of Spring and shopping deals.  March looks like it's going to be a good month!