When discussing the paranormal, often what is talked about are haunted locations, or haunted people. We talk about the places that ghosts haunt, or the people they are attached to, even after life. But what isn’t often talked about are haunted objects.

Haunted objects often make an appearance in horror movies, and are used as a way to ratchet up the fear by taking an inanimate object and giving it a personality and the ability to affect the world around them. The most well-known haunted inanimate objects usually take the form of statues, most likely because statues are human in form.

One example of a haunted statue is located at Blithewood Mansion in Annandale-On-Hudson, south of Albany.



Blithewood Mansion was originally built by Andrew C. Zabriskie, a Captain in the National Guard, and wealthy due to real estate sales. Captain Zabriskie bought the property already named Blithewood, and built a luxurious summer home on the grounds.  Legend states that Zabriskie commissioned four statues representing each of his four daughters to be placed in the elaborate English gardens on the property.

According to the legends that surround this property, one of Captain Zabriskie’s daughters passed away after a tragic fall out of the window of their New York City apartment. It is unknown if this was an accidental death or murder, but regardless of the circumstances, the daughter remains today, haunting the grounds of Blithewood. Since her death, it has been reported that one of the statues on the grounds has been missing.

Today there are only three statues and the pedestal for the fourth. The spirit of the dead daughter is reported to roam the grounds in the form of the missing statue.

In 1951, Blithewood was given to Bard College, and in 1987 became part of the Levy Economics Institute, and is used for facility offices. If you ever travel to Bard College, at night keep your eye out for wandering statues.

[Contributed by NY Shadow Chasers]

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